Partner with us!

Want to join us in helping our community? There are so many things that you can do! We need more businesses and community spots in Tarrant County to place our catalog distribution stands. Do you have a table top in your reception area or waiting room? Or do you have a common room or recreation area where lots of civic minded folks gather? We need you! Simply fill out the form below and we will DELIVER a box of catalogs already packaged in a simple to display stand so that all can see your desire to help your neighbors in Tarrant County who are hungry, homeless, and helpless. Please return the form to Christine at or call with any questions at 817-923-4527.

Also, we love our volunteers! Lots of folks volunteer each October to join us in delivering over 50,000 catalogs across Tarrant County. It’s a fun project that gets you up and moving, and meeting lots of neighbors who love to help as much as you do. Contact us if you can join us for a few hours this October!

Download Business & Community Spots Form