How to be included in The GGCE

Over the years, there has been an increasing number of nonprofits who would like to be included in The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever. Beginning with our 2018 edition, we revised our application process. We no longer have an open application forum. Instead, our Local Advisory Board nominates local charities for review.

The charities must:
  1. Have been in operation for a minimum of five years.
  2. Be able to submit the most recent two years of 990’s for review.
  3. Have the ability to benefit Tarrant County neighbors exclusively.

If you would like to be considered in an upcoming publication, we recommend that you review our Board member roster and contact one of them to discuss possible future participation. Please understand that we do not replace every charity each year. Typically we only adopt one or two new charities for each new edition. This small amount of new organizations each year greatly affects the time it takes to be included.

If you have any questions about the process or limitations, please contact our office at or Christine at 817-923-4527.

The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever