Gift Cards

The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever gift card is like any other traditional retail gift card; the difference is that the funds on the card are used to make charitable contributions to any of the 24 great organizations featured in the catalog, rather than buying material things. GGCE Gift Cards make fantastic gifts for co-workers, neighbors, teachers, clients, grandchildren, or anyone who enjoys giving more than receiving.

The purchaser of the Gift Card receives a 100% tax deduction and the recipient gets to direct the funds to any of the projects and/or charities that are most meaningful to them.

If the Gift Card is not used by April 30th of the following year, then the funds are equally distributed to all of the participating organizations…unless the original purchaser (donor) chooses to direct the funds to a specific organization.

To order or redeem gift cards, simply call our office and place the order with us. We will send you an attractive folder with a gift card, letter, and catalog for you to give to your friends and family. Please ask for Christine at 817-923-4527 or email at